Watch Review: Nokia Steel HR smartwatch Review

Nokia's been producing a ton of buzz in the previous year with the resurgence of their telephone image, helmed by HMD worldwide. Discreetly, Nokia Health – still headed by Nokia – has discharged a little scope of wellbeing items. Among them is the Nokia Steel HR, a trendy, tasteful half and half smartwatch with the capacity to track rest, runs, swims and that's just the beginning. No GPS is ready, however the HR, as the name recommends, shows some kindness rate screen, and also the capacity to get cell phone notices. We took the Nokia Steel HR on our physical and easygoing voyages to check whether this $180 gadget nails the half and half smartwatch with the great looks and usefulness Nokia's guaranteed.


Great looks? Check.

The Nokia Steel HR comes in two sizes, 36mm and 40mm. While the watch confront itself is indistinguishable in size and capacity on the two variations, the bigger model has a thicker bezel and in this way seems more manly, while the littler is more rich and could be viewed as the more ladylike alternative. Regardless, Nokia conveys a pleasant look, regardless of what measure you select.

The 40mm model just comes in silver, while the 36mm one can be had in silver or rose gold. Rose gold will cost you an additional $40, however. Both Nokia Steel HR variations give the choice for either a white or dark watch confront, so assortment and uniqueness aren't inadequate.

The 36mm and 40mm Steel HR sizes utilize 18mm and 20mm watch groups, separately, so discovering substitutes for either ought to be no stress. A more extensive assortment of watch groups for the littler model is accessible on the Nokia site – alternatives incorporate calfskin, silicone, and woven lashes.

As said, the Steel HR uses a half breed smartwatch configuration, incorporating a little roundabout OLED screen as if it were a complexity in the watch's face. Underneath it lies a mechanical difficulty which demonstrates your advance towards the day's progression objective. The greater part of this is coordinated delightfully, keeping up an exquisite watch look, while likewise tossing in 5 ATM waterproofing to sweeten the arrangement.

Show and controls

The OLED screen on the Nokia Steel HR will show names for approaching calls, logbook warnings, and updates in a looking over manner. It will likewise show the sender of an approaching content, however it won't demonstrate the instant message itself. No other application warnings come through on the Steel HR's show, which some may acknowledge as a kind of channel, yet may cause others some frustration. Regardless, the content you do see is brilliant, sharp, and simple to peruse in most any light.

The watch has no controls past its "dial" which essentially works as a catch to go through a modest bunch of snappy information bits. These can incorporate the date and time, battery, alert, calories consumed, heart rate, steps, and separation. They can likewise be picked and composed inside the watches partner application.

Buddy App

The Nokia Health application helps with setting up the Nokia Steel HR and is perfect with Android and iOS. After setup, the Health application turns into your fundamental control focus and movement following dashboard. Being a half and half smartwatch, control of the Steel HR is constrained here too yet gives an approach to set the time (which modifies consequently as you change time zones a while later), control which warnings are shown, and set your watches quiet alert.

The partner application is good with Android and iOS

The Health application, obviously, wouldn't be exceptionally sound in the event that it didn't loan experiences to your wellbeing. On the principle screen, you can look through a sustain which points of interest everyday movement of present and past. This incorporates step tally, normal heart rate, and rest information; each of these can be tapped to see further data. For example, tapping on step check will loan you assist knowledge on what number of calories you consumed, and what different exercises were followed, physically or something else. These are followed with heart rate information; extra exercises, which the watch may have missed, can be included physically, sans heart rate data.

Movement following

There are 36 distinct exercises you can physically sign into your day by day following, which is a reality we're very content with. Programmed following won't figure your action, however, but instead enroll and log the expanded movement and request that you determine what it was when finished. These exercises can run from surfing and boxing to Zumba and ice skating, and considerably more – the purpose of logging being to track calories consumed, which the application decides in light of the length and power of the exercise.

Programmed following was somewhat liberal here and there, however, letting us know we'd been additional dynamic when in actuality we hadn't. Sadly, there's no real way to kill this programmed following, yet such events are sufficiently occasional, and erasing them is sufficiently simple that we're not very disturbed about it. Something else, physically logging physical movement and taking in an estimation of calories consumed is a secure.

Rest following

Rest following gives you comparable bits of knowledge with the Steel HR's programmed rest location. Sessions can't be logged sometime later, however those grabbed by your watch will reveal to you the span of your rest, and additionally the burns you experienced, yet just arranges them as light rest, profound rest, or alert. Lamentably, no refinement is influenced distinguishing REM to rest, particularly.

Obviously, your heart rate is followed amid your sleep also. Dissimilar to different exercises, the rest following part of the application has a few assets for you to find out about showing signs of improvement rest, however customized input doesn't exist for any exercises, unless you've enlisted in one of the applications wellbeing programs. The Health application emails you week after week recaps however, which basically indicate whether you've been achieving your rest and action objectives.

Wellbeing Programs and App Compatibility

Wellbeing programs inside the application set days-or weeks-long regimens for you to follow all together enhance a specific part of your wellbeing. These are generally free, yet most require gadgets past your Nokia HR smartwatch. As you may figure, all these are the company marked gadgets like scales and circulatory strain screens. Projects like "Rest Smarter", luckily, just need the Nokia HR or a comparative Nokia tracker. Such projects will help set timetables for you and offer understanding to your dozing propensities (or different exercises, contingent upon the program) with a specific end goal to enhance your wellbeing. Different projects incorporate a pregnancy tracker, one that shows signs of improvement shape, one intended to enhance your heart wellbeing, and one named Leaderboard which adds a social test angle to your activity.

While we adore the expansion of regimens for better wellbeing and customized counsel inside, we'd love it much more if there were in excess of five projects to look over. Wellness trackers like Fitbit and smartwatches like Samsung's Gear arrangement all offer undeniable exercise programs, some free and some paid, and despite the fact that we don't expect as extensive a library as those found in non-crossover smartwatch wearables, we might want to see this segment of the Nokia Health application do some growing.

We are upbeat to see a few information sharing choices, however. The Health application can match up data with Apple Healthkit, MyFitnessPal, Nike+, and RunKeeper, keeping all your data brought together and progressive.


While the Nokia Steel HR adds an incentive with its heart-rate screen, the option of a GPS sensor would truly step things up for sprinters, cyclers, and swimmers. For whatever length of time that it has the 5 ATM waterproofing and following capacity, for what reason not make it the entire bundle? We additionally wish for more telephone related highlights, a la Skagen's Connected mixture smartwatch, which can trigger the camera shade on your telephone or interruption/play music by means of the watches dial – the last being most attractive, particularly for exercisers.

Battery Life

Use times are another in addition to side to half breed watches like these, and the Steel HR conveys here also. Evaluated for 25 days of ordinary utilize, 5 days of exercise following, and up to 45 days in control save mode (with time and movement following just), Nokia does its part to give you a chance to wear the Steel HR like a typical watch. We effectively got 2-3 weeks of blended utilization in our chance with the gadget, and when we had to charge, it did as such rapidly.


To the extent half breed smartwatches go, not a ton has customarily been normal out of them. Cell phone warnings are guaranteed, and not at all like different cross breeds we've seen, the Nokia Steel HR has these secured – at any rate mostly – by showing them on its OLED screen.

Action following is another essential component on which the Steel HR enhances marginally contrasted with different cross breeds by growing what it can track or possibly log. Still however, wellbeing projects, bits of knowledge, and assets could utilize some work to truly venture up the HR's esteem.

All things considered, the Nokia Steel HR does its activity well and is intensely valued to the extent mixtures go, offering for amongst $180 and $220. Be that as it may, it does little to move the cross breed watch field forward, and in the event that you require additional items like GPS following or contactless installments, at that point you'd most likely be in an ideal situation with an out and out smartwatch.


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