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Introduction, Features and Design

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Alongside its group of profoundly regarded huge iron workstations, HP, the world's driving workstation maker, makes an exhaustive line of versatile ones: the HP ZBooks. While it offers diverse ZBooks for various levels of clients, the most effective and expandable of all is the enormous, strong ZBook 17, a genuinely amazing machine that sits gloriously at the highest point of the ZBook line. This family is currently in its fourth-age ("G4") emphasis.

While the ZBook 17 isn't for everybody, it is a machine that offers the most extreme level of execution and expandability for the individuals who are unwilling to trade off power for versatility. That incorporates media experts, 4K video editors, visual-impacts craftsmen, 3D illustrators, movie producers, and any other individual who requires outrageous levels of energy and information throughput.

As virtual reality (VR) applications proceed to rise and pick up prevalence, all the more effective and the sky is the limit from there competent professional review GPUs turn out to be progressively vital for creating in VR conditions. The 16GB-prepared Nvidia "Pascal" Quadro P5000 accessible on the ZBook 17 G4 is a powerhouse of a substance maker's designs processor, particularly for a portable PC. Nvidia's Quadro GPUs play by unexpected guidelines in comparison to its purchaser prepared GeForce ones, however, and the nearness of the Quadro P5000 acquires the so-prepared ZBook 17 G4 SKUs a "VR Ready" assignment by Nvidia. It's the main machine in the ZBook line to convey that refinement, settling on it a characteristic decision for individuals who both make VR substance and need to review it on a similar machine.

Normally, the ZBook 17's outrageous power and propelled highlights are not shabby. The machine we audited, with its dazzling DreamColor show, the Quadro P5000, a four-center Xeon processor, double NVMe strong state drives (SSDs), and 64GB of memory figured out to an astounding $5,671. (The beginning cost for the line is far down from that point, at more than a fourth of that cost: $1,530.) For the individuals who deal with genuine top of the line, bleeding edge extends, a ZBook 17 G4 can pay for itself in a couple of employments. Others may address whether they need such an effective PC and whether to pay for the premium of having it.

Once more, however, this unit can scale here and there as indicated by your requirements. While our test unit was a genius content maker's fantasy machine, HP's lesser base models have a lot of charms for less requesting (or less flush) customers who require some subset of what the ZBook 17 G4 offers, regardless of whether that is the DreamColor show or access to a top of the line Quadro graphic processing unit. How about we take a gander at the numerous moving parts.


With its 17.3-inch show (estimated on the inclining), the ZBook 17 G4 is an audaciously huge machine and the biggest versatile workstation in HP's ZBook line. Our test unit estimated 1.3 inches high by 16.5 inches wide by 11 inches profound.

Obviously, with a show that size, and additionally the ZBook 17's extensive alternatives for outer development, the way that it is enormous should not shock anyone. Actually, that is fairly the purpose of this machine; it's intended to deal with basically any rendering, tweaking, figuring, or creation work you toss at it and present its outcomes on a drastically expansive screen, while keeping up a small amount of convenientce. Thusly, if estimate is a noteworthy thought, different choices in the ZBook line might be a superior fit. (It's obvious, for instance, our current audit of the HP ZBook 15 G4.)

Something else, if genuine power and a sweeping showcase are what you're after, the measurements of the ZBook 17 G4 should feel pretty much right. Taking a gander at like machines from Lenovo, the measurements fit easily inside the sensible desires of this class of machine.

While vast approves of us with regards to a machine of this gauge (an extra large screen is a wide screen, all things considered), excessively overwhelming isn't perfect. Nobody needs to haul around something that is just versatile in principle. All things considered, we were charmingly shocked that the ZBook 17 G4 feels lighter than we anticipated. Surely, it's lighter than it looks, at a beginning weight of 6.9 pounds. It is anything but a ultrabook, by any extend, yet moving it around and lifting it off and onto our laps was, truth be told, no issue. An attaché or ordinary PC pack won't improve the situation bearing it, yet a tough rucksack made for a 17-inch machine should do the trick for intermittent transport.

In the looks office, the ZBook 17 G4 is a good looking blend of frame and capacity, with a decent adjust of highlights, expandability, size, and weight. The dim, strong suspension is built from aluminum and magnesium. The top has a great looking two-tone trim plan...

The screen bezel and the console deck coordinate the trim part of the top, while the cover's edging facilitates with the sides of the workstation...

All in all, it's a business-calm look that is fitting for the sort of conditions in which the ZBook 17 G4 will be called to obligation.

Highlights and Display

As we'll find in this survey, the HP ZBook 17 G4 we tried is a first class 17.3-inch PC that keeps nothing down. Therefore, not very many different machines we have tried to date have possessed the capacity to ascend to similar levels of execution, including the then-$3,501 test unit of the Lenovo ThinkPad P70 $1,485.66 at Amazon that we audited a year ago.

As said over, the ZBook 17 G4 we checked on accompanied a 17.3-inch 4K DreamColor show. (A 4K local determination is 3,840x2,160 pixels, or "UHD.") DreamColor, for the individuals who haven't seen a case of it, is HP's own particular line of work area and PC shows intended for the individuals who work with shading basic applications, for example, shading adjustment and the visual expressions. It was outlined in collaboration with driving visual-impacts and movement studios, and HP got an Academy Award (in the Scientific and Engineering class) for creating it.

On the off chance that you are thinking about getting a top notch portable workstation and are associated with the innovative expressions or after generation, it bodes well to arrange the ZBook 17 G4 with the DreamColor choice. It's one of the principle reasons that this particular model emerges.

That alternative might be less convincing on littler screened portable workstations, however in the ZBook 17 G4's 17.3-inch shape factor, the 10-bit DreamColor show looks just shocking and is a genuine delight to work with. Hues are splendid and exact, while blacks are profound and rich. What's more, seeing edges are phenomenal, with the board holding a precise picture even at outrageous topsy turvy edges. Likewise, the screen is a feature for the wonderful activity Microsoft has finished with scaling Windows 10 on a 4K show and keeping it neat, even pleasurable, to take a gander at.

In any case, in the event that you choose, for reasons unknown, not to settle on the 4K DreamColor show choice on the ZBook 17 G4 (however we propose that you do), you can rather select a 17.3-inch full-high definition (1,920x1,080-pixel) board. Hewlett Packard offers these in standard and extensive review edge (UWVA) flavors, or as a touch screen. On the off chance that you do settle on the FHD show, we unequivocally propose getting the UWVA form.

Network and Input

Given the full-bodied plan, you get a ton of physical availability on this machine, whatever arrangement of internals you settle on. The left half of the ZBook 17 G4 is home to three USB 3.0 ports (one of which is a charging port you can use with the PC shut down), and a SD streak memory opening, into which you can embed your media cards. Additionally here: a RJ-45 Ethernet port, and a security-link lockdown indent.

On the correct edge are two USB Type-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports, basic associations for those working with a lot of information or immense video documents. Media and substance makers will value these; Thunderbolt was produced to at the same time bolster the quickest information and most video transfer speed accessible on a solitary link, while additionally providing power, making one port that for all intents and purposes does everything.

With Thunderbolt 3, and its hyper-quick most extreme information exchange rate of 40Gbps (eight times quicker than USB 3.0's potential roof, and twice as quick as Thunderbolt 2), you can do a wide range of helpful things, for example, associate an outside GPU fenced in area to incredibly support GPU rendering speed, include a gigantic exhibit of hard drives for huge video-altering ventures, interface different high-determination shows (counting extra, work area style DreamColor shows), or interface with a docking station, for example, the $249-coordinate HP ZBook Dock. Thunderbolt 3 is an absolute necessity have on a machine, for example, the ZBook 17 G4, as it appears Thunderbolt 3 and the peripherals biological system identified with it are increasing more force than past emphasess of Thunderbolt at any point did outside of Macs—in any event with regards to the reversible USB-C connector, which Thunderbolt 3 joins.

Notwithstanding Thunderbolt 3, the correct side of the machine additionally incorporates a SmartCard Reader, a consolidated mic-in/earphone out jack, a fourth USB 3.0 port, HDMI and VGA yields, and a connector for the power connector...

Moving to the principle deck, the ZBook 17 G4 has a durable inclination, spill-safe illuminated console that incorporates a numeric keypad, and in addition a Lenovo TrackPoint-style pointing stick...

Composing on the console feels great, with no genuine hidden flex to talk about. Underneath the console is a fairly estimated multi-motion touch cushion with three catches on the best and base (left, center, and right). One set each is for the touch cushion and the pointing stick. That third, focal catch in each set is an imperative element for 3D craftsmen and illustrators, however we presume most will want to utilize a mouse for exactness errands. (We would.) Under the console is a unique mark peruser.

Sound on the ZBook 17 G4 was planned in discussion with Bang and Olufsen. It shows as two incorporated stereo speakers, which direct solid out through two grilles on the front of the machine. The sound level is solid and has a not too bad measure of bass, abnormally useful for a versatile PC however what you would expect given the ZBook 17's frame estimate. There is likewise an incorporated 720p Webcam, which does its activity well.

Parts and Thermals

As we said before, at the core of the ZBook we investigated is an effective seventh Generation Xeon E3 v6 central processing unit. This is a four-center central processing unit with a base recurrence of 3.1GHz, a Turbo recurrence of 4.2GHz, and 8MB of on-chip store memory. That is a strong processor that will deal with testing employments, for example, 4K video altering in walk. Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 is likewise upheld. Other central processing unit choices on the ZBook 17 G4 pantheon incorporate seventh Generation Intel Core quad-center processors. Clients who are doing computation serious work where exactness is critical, for example, design or crunching immense informational collections, might need to go the Xeon course to pick up its help for blunder redressing ECC random access memory.

While the Xeon central processing unit in the ZBook 17 G4 is noteworthy, the designs processor is similarly delectable, maybe significantly more so. Since the machine was intended to be an illustrations powerhouse, we expected no short of what a standout amongst the most effective Nvidia designs chips to be incorporated, and we were not frustrated. The audit unit accompanied a Quadro P5000, an illustrations processor in view of Nvidia's latest "Pascal" engineering (the successor to "Maxwell"), which brings another level of execution to visual registering. You'll just observe the Quadro P5000 in a couple of machines, and those in the 17-inch measure class. This capable GPU gloats an incredible 16GB of GDDR memory and 2,560 CUDA parallel preparing centers. (Buyer review cards, seeing that you can consider a Nvidia GeForce Titan Xp "customer review," top out at 12GB.)

As we enter another period of GPU rendering in after creation, in which the last rendering of completed edges is progressively being taken care of by the GPU rather than the CPU, this has brought about an emotional speedup in render times. Be that as it may, a progressed GPU is required to do it adequately. With a designs card like the Quadro P5000 and its enormous memory designation, the ZBook 17 G4 is an extraordinary machine to use for GPU rendering. Likewise, as specified above, it has been authoritatively assigned as "VR Ready" by HP and Nvidia for the individuals who create VR content.

While the Quadro Nvidia P5000 is the highest point of-the-line designs choice on the ZBook 17 G4 (as our survey unit's $5K-in addition to cost would recommend), you can get lesser GPUs at bring down costs. The other Nvidia choices are the Quadro M2200, Quadro M1200, Quadro P4000, and Quadro P3000; the sole AMD-based option is the Radeon Pro WX 4170. (Note: AMD is changing its workstation illustrations from its well-known, long-running "FirePro" brand to "Radeon Pro.")

With regards to memory, the ZBook 17 permits up to 64GB of standard or ECC memory at the new, speedier paces of 2,400MHz. That 64GB max is an extremely adequate measurements of memory for most substantial computational undertakings and after generation challenges. It's equivalent to what you would discover in a very much equipped work area workstation.

In the event that you've utilized NVMe SSDs previously, you know how blazingly quick they are, with top potential velocities many, ordinarily quicker than Serial ATA hard drives—particularly valuable for undertakings, for example, video altering at high resolutions, given the enormous documents in play. The unit we checked on accompanied two 512GB NVMe Z Turbo Drives (associated by means of M.2-opening associations), the primary boot one containing Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

Notwithstanding the 2 SSDs in our exam unit, the ZBook seventeen has 2 coves in which one can introduce 2 more 2.5-inch SSDs or HDDs SATA. That is a ton of additional capacity, and joined with the Z Turbo drives, gets the most extreme stockpiling the ZBook 17 G4 to an incredible 4TB as designed by HP, a lot of space for a few major simultaneous employments. You must note that the HP ZBook 17 likewise incorporates RAID-design support and equipment encryption.

From a segment perspective, one thing that is decent about the ZBook 17 G4 is that you can uncover key segments of the machine effectively. (That incorporates the battery.) You can get to the M.2 spaces and hard drive/SSD bayous by sliding a hook on the base of the machine and removing the back board, no apparatuses required.

The ZBook 17 G4 has a 96-watt-hour, six-cell battery, which HP says can continue for up to 14 hours of battery life. While use time fluctuates with the sort of work you are doing, getting the ZBook 17 G4 with a 10-bit UHD DreamColor show and the Quadro P5000 GPU will request a great deal from the battery. (The more pixels you have to push, the more power gets sapped, all else being equivalent.)

The battery likewise bolsters HP Fast Charge, which empowers you to charge it to a 50 percent level in just 30 minutes. Obviously, you can simply connect to the 200-watt Slim Start AC connector into any outlet when it gets low.

Packaged Software and Warranty

Each HP workstation ships with HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS), which lets you successfully work the ZBook 17 G4 from a remote area utilizing another workstation, purchaser PC, Mac, or even a tablet. Thus, you can swear off carrying the 17-incher along each time you require access to it; on the off chance that you'll have an associated PC at your goal, you can take advantage of this one from far off.

Likewise stacked onto the machine is HP's Performance Advisor, a helpful bit of programming that gives you profound knowledge and investigation into the different parts that make up your machine.

The standard guarantee for this machine is a world class level one with regards to the parts loadout: three years on parts and work, with on location benefit in the blend if HP bolster considers it important to take care of your concern.

Execution, Battery Life and Conclusion

To recap the config we've been talking about, the $5,670 setup of the ZBook 17 G4 we tried incorporates the 17.3-inch UHD DreamColor show, the Xeon E3-1535M v6 central processing unit, 64GB of memory, two 512GB  SSDs, and the Quadro P5000 graphic processing unit with 16GB of random access memory. That sort of maximized versatile workstation setup is among the most effective accessible anyplace.

Finding any workstation PC practically identical to this one in our benchmark informational index from the most recent quite a long while demonstrated a test. For our benchmark outlines, we contrasted the HP ZBook 17 G4 with four different machines with lesser arrangements for some unique circumstance. That incorporates its littler sibling, the HP ZBook 15 G4, and in addition three contending workstation models: the Lenovo ThinkPad P70 $1,485.69 at Amazon, the Dell Precision 5510 (investigated and tried by our sister site, PCMag.com), and the MSI WS72 Best Price at Amazon. Likewise, we figured in the Asus Republic of Gamers G701VI Best Price at Amazon for an example of a deceived out, huge gaming PC with top GeForce illustrations. All utilization Nvidia Quadro illustrations with the exception of the Asus show, which had the GTX 1080.

Here's a fast outline of the center specs of these machines for comprehending the diagrams to come...

Engineered Tests

PCMark 8 is an all encompassing execution suite created by the benchmark authorities at Futuremark. It contains a few presets that reproduce diverse genuine profitability and substance creation work processes. We utilize the Work Conventional situation to survey general framework execution for office-driven undertakings, for example, word handling, spreadsheeting, Web perusing, and videoconferencing. The test produces an exclusive numeric score; higher numbers are better.

The ZBook 17 G4's PCMark test came in at 3,114, prevailing over the Lenovo P70 and the Dell Precision 5510, however trailing the littler, however still Xeon-based, HP ZBook 15 G4. This reasonable needs to do with the 4K show on the 17-inch ZBook here; PCMark 8 has a tendency to be a harder trudge as the local screen determination increments, and the ZBook 15 G4 we tried was shaking "just" a 1080p screen. The 4K board in the ZBook 17 G4 stifled its numbers here a bit.

Next is Maxon's central processing unit-crunching Cinebench R15 test, which is completely strung to make utilization of all accessible processor centers and strings while utilizing the CPU as opposed to GPU to render an intricate picture. The outcome is a restrictive score showing a PC's reasonableness for processor-serious workloads.

For Cinebench R15 central processing unit score, that tests the normal speed of Xeon E3-1535M v6 clicking all strings and centers, the ZBook G4 beat practically every other machine in the outline aside from the Asus (the gaming machine). It doesn't have a modern review Xeon processor but instead a four-center/eight-string Intel Core i7-7820HK central processing unit running at a considerably higher clock of 4.3GHz (with a direct overclock connected from the production line). Note that Xeon processors are intended for overwhelming obligation workloads and rebuffing plans rather than the Core i7, and in addition offering help for ECC random . Beside the Asus, this outcome is in accordance with what we would anticipate from HP's most intense versatile workstation.

Sight and sound Tests

Cinebench is frequently a decent indicator of our Handbrake video-altering test, another intense, strung exercise that is exceedingly CPU-subordinate. In it, we put a stopwatch on test frameworks as they transcode a standard five-minute clasp of 1080p video (the Pixar short Dug's Special Mission) to a cell phone organize. Since this is a coordinated test, bring down outcomes are better.

By and by, the ZBook 17 G4 put in a magnificent appearing, as we would expect, beating the other workstation-review machines and falling marginally behind the Asus. Portable workstations are worked to higher particulars by and large than gaming machines, with ISV accreditations and numerous hours of thorough MIL-STD substantial obligation testing. The distinction here is likely down to the timing once more.

We additionally run a custom Adobe Photoshop picture altering benchmark. Utilizing Photoshop form CS6, we apply a progression of 11 complex channels and impacts to a standard JPEG test picture. We time every activity and, toward the end, include the aggregate execution time. Similarly as with Handbrake, bring down circumstances are better here.

For the Photoshop test, the Hewlett Packard ZBook 17 G4 was one of the two speediest in the rundown, just a few seconds behind the Asus gaming machine, yet significantly faster than the Dell Precision 5510 and Lenovo P70.

Illustrations and Gaming Tests

Our first illustrations test is Futuremark's 3DMark, which measures relative designs muscle by rendering successions of profoundly nitty gritty, gaming-style 3D illustrations that accentuate particles and lighting. The low-end Gate preset (means for passage level computers) is not really a bit test for the present frameworks, meanwhile the Fire Strike preset makes even the top of the line frameworks gaming start to sweat.

The Quadro card here has its qualities in figurings; this is a gaming-designs test. As we expected, the ZBook 17 G4 and its P5000 topped the workstation detachment (predominating the others on the additionally requesting Fire Strike Extreme test) yet tumbled to the Asus gaming framework.

Next come two tiresome DirectX 11 gaming recreations, Heaven 4.0 and Valley 1.0. Unigine's famous tests stretch designs processors as far as possible in flyovers of a skyborne steampunk town (Heaven) and a stormy nature scene (Valley), both pressed with molecule and lighting impacts. We test workstations at medium picture quality settings at 1,366x768 determination and again at top or ultra quality settings at their local screen determination.

Remember that the yellow bars are with the PCs tried at local screen determination. When you represent that in the ZBook 17 G4 (it's UHD), the Quadro P5000 graphic processing unit towers over the various machines in this test aside from the Asus gaming rig which has a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080, rocks a 1080p-local screen, and is changed for high edge rates, something that isn't so imperative on a portable workstation. Indeed, while you can play recreations with the ZBook 17 G4, it's a machine intended for inventive work.

As a component of our audit, we additionally ran two different tests, specifically SPECviewperf 12.0.2 (which tests DirectX and OpenGL designs execution) and POV-Ray 3.7, which tests the CPU with some substantial obligation beam following rendering challenges. On account of SPEC viewperf, the workloads, known as viewsets, mirror the sorts of assignments proficient clients would execute in run of the mill workstation-review applications.

The HP ZBook 17 G4 was the best entertainer on the two tests, prevailing over the various portable workstations graphed above as well as in our entire database, including the HP ZBook 15 G4. This is not out of the ordinary, given the ZBook 17 G4's best retire segments. Its scores in SPECviewperf's different viewsets we ran broke out to 123.28 in Creo, 98.64 in Maya, and 152.39 in Solidworks, besting all comers. Furthermore, its POV-Ray 3.7 rendering time of 155.4 seconds pushed out the majority of the other versatile workstations we've tried over the most recent few years.

As in many things, cash can take care of a large group of issues; on account of the maximized ZBook 17 G4 we tried, it displays a portable workstation structure into which you can sink that cash for viable true outcomes.

Battery Life

After completely energizing the PC, we set up the machine in control spare mode (instead of adjusted or superior mode) and make a couple of other battery-preserving changes in anticipation of our unplugged video-rundown test. In this test, we circle a video—a privately put away MP4 record containing the full The Lord of the Rings set of three—with screen brilliance set at 50 percent and volume at 100 percent until the point that the framework conks out.

The ZBook 17 scored acceptably enough in the battery test, demolishing the MSI and the Asus, yet was straight beaten by the great outcomes from the HP ZBook 15 G4. This is no uncertainty because of the eager for power Quadro P5000 and the need to control the vast UHD DreamColor show. (The ZBook 15 G4 we tried had a less-effective Quadro designs card and a littler FHD screen.) That stated, with a machine as large and intense as the ZBook 17 G4, the imaginable use case will see it invest the vast majority of its energy in a work area (and in this way close to a power plug), not on an aircraft plate table or other momentary area.


All things considered, the ZBook 17 G4 is a first class computational workhorse that accomplishes workstation control once accessible just on the work area (with the advantage that you can take it with you where you need to go). While it's anything but a machine for everyone, it is a definitive machine for control clients searching for unimaginably abnormal amounts of execution. The 4K DreamColor show is a genuine joy to take a gander at and work with, and it has a major effect when dealing with shading basic assignments. It is a characteristic decision for the individuals who work in media and stimulation. That parcel incorporates movie producers, colorists, visual-impacts craftsmen, artists, video editors, artists, and photograph retouchers, and also VR-content makers who require an intense GPU for both creation and sealing. Clients of Adobe Creative Suite, the AutoDesk group of items, or Maxon Cinema 4D (and other asset hungry applications) will discover in the ZBook 17 G4 a definitive innovative accomplice.

In the wake of investing energy investigating it, we can think about no better machine for the individuals who wish to saddle the magnificent power it can convey, insofar as they have the financial backing to back that up. What's more, in the event that they don't have the financial plan, the normal highlights that will seem even in the low-end ZBook 17 G4 models make it a family well worth short-posting regardless of whether you're not maximizing it. Thumbs up.


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